Stay Relaxed to Stay Sexually Fit

Ever heard of the phrase, “Work is god”, it is very appropriately said by a prudent person. Some people “Work to Live” whereas there are others who “Live to Work”, for them work is top most priority and everything else comes after it. However, in the current scenario, where globalization has taken place in most of the industries, work pressure has increased due to tuff competition. Employees have to improve in terms of quality of their work and have to meet difficult deadlines in order to remain in the competition.

As a result most employees of the corporate world lead a highly stressful life which, however, may cause some health problems which are inevitable considering the amount of stress and pressure involved, not only in office but in home as well. When a person thinks of performing better rather then focusing on the task, he is liable to fail in that task no matter if he is indulging in a project work or sexual activity, for that matter. Studies have shown that ED or erectile dysfunction can be due to psychological causes like anxiety. In other words a person too anxious to perform better while having sexual intercourse may fail even to get a hard and erect penis.

Such an individual must practice relaxation techniques like meditation in order to calm his mind and eliminate all fears pertaining to sexual performance. For it, a relaxed, stress free and happy state of mind is necessary to combat afflictions such as ED. This was a remedy when the cause is psychological in nature however, one must go for drugs like Viagra when he is dealing with a physical cause of ED like nerve damage, diabetes or an artery blockage. Viagra is an FDA approved drug which enables an ED patient to get proper erection, just few hours after its consumption.

Viagra works by relaxing muscles in penile area thereby facilitating rock hard penis. Due to emergence of other drugs in the anti-impotence market the price of viagra have came down, which is good for lower middle class people who were unable to buy viagra in past due to its hefty price. Many cheap viagra pharmacies sell it at affordable prices in your vicinity. Apart from this, one can also buy viagra online and can change his sex life just at a click of a mouse button.


Increase your Sexual Attractiveness with Pheromones

Pheromones are a natural chemical compound found in all insects, animals, and humans. Animals detect pheromones over a distance – they help them mark territory and recognize mates. Human pheromones are natural hormones and we use them to communicate with one another on a subconscious level. They are detected by a little organ inside the nose and then being transmitted to our brains as a chemical message of sex and sexual attraction.

Not everyone knows that these days’ pheromones can be found as a product – colognes, sprays, oils, gels, wipes, lotions, soaps and even candles. There are different pheromones for Men and Women. Pheromone products mainly contain one or all of the following human pheromones:

*Androstenone – the pheromone that gives a macho, dominant male aura. It attracts and arouses women on a primordial level and women reported having better and stronger orgasm during sex.

*Androstenol – is called as a friendly pheromone. You will seem nice, friendly and approachable to others.

*Androsterone – is knows as a middle ground between the first two. People say that androsterone is very similar to andostenone, just it doesn’t give a male macho aura as much.

*Copulins – is found in pheromones for women to use. Copulins are produced by women naturally, during their ovulation time. Copulins are used towards attracting men.

Pheromones come in both scented and unscented products. Some people use scented pheromones as simple perfume or body spray. Then they don‘t need to use any other perfume. Unscented products can be mixed with colognes, perfumes or body sprays. Both kinds of pheromones are applied in the same places where you usually apply other perfume or body spray.

Pheromones “work” for both male and female, and pheromone products are being used to gain sexual attraction of the opposite sex.

Guys, it doesn‘t matter how you look like – fat or slim, tall or short, handsome or not a sexy macho – if you use pheromones, women will find you sexually attractive. After women smell pheromones in the pheromone product they will become attracted to you. Try to use pheromone products and you will notice that women are starting to show you more attention, more eye contact, more dates and of course more sex.

The same is for women. If you like a man and he is not paying as much attention to you as you want – try a pheromone “attack”. When he is around you – make sure you sprayed pheromones on your body and you will start feel difference. Many women use this “weapon” to get the guys they want.

Pheromones can help you increase your attractiveness, bring you more success in business and many social situations, make people comfortable around you and improve your own mood.


Why Women Fake Orgasm?

Everybody heard rumours about women faking orgasms. Is that true? The majority of women have faked at least one orgasm, yet some fake almost all of them. Why do they do that? There are many reasons and the case is that there’s no one to blame.

The most common are two reasons: they don’t want to make their partners feel bad or they are tired and just want to end sex. Most females say that their partners are not satisfied until the girls feels orgasm, there’s only one way to make them feel happy and stop the exhausting procedure – fake.

Another reason is that a typical female doesn’t seek for orgasm; she desires a sexual relationship only because she wants intimacy. Still, such an attitude may make her partner feel bad. The only way out is to fake it out.

Some women never really experience orgasm while making sex, but they want their partner to feel good about himself and her. Men usually expect women to have pleasure, that’s why females have no other choice. They have to fake to have a good relationship.

Loss of interest, having sex only because the partner wants to, also makes women to fake. Most females talk to their friends about such things and while they know other women act it, they do so too, because it’s an easier way to have a good relationship.

When a man tries very hard, sometimes even too hard to make his woman have an orgasm, the woman usually finds it better to fake it than to disappoint her partner once again. They fear rejection if a man wouldn’t understand her, they don’t want to offend men because the absence of an orgasm is actually not their fault.

Some women may have health problems. If, while experiencing she becomes too sensitive and wants to stop, she fakes an orgasm in order to stop and relax. Orgasm may also cause discomfort and pain; that’s a serious problem and she can’t be blamed for faking. In such cases, most women prefer and enjoy orgasm more during solitary masturbation. Although they feel better while having orgasm themselves, they want to make their partner feel good too, so they act an orgasm out.

A female orgasm can be most easily faked by a good actress. There are few options: gripping something tightly; moaning loudly; breathing deeply; burying face into something (pillow); doing kegels or anything else at least remotely dramatic or climatic.

What to do if you think your partner is faking? Talk about it. Maybe she knows some special position or action that would make her happy. Don’t get angry if she admits faking. Try to solve the problem, but don’t get too far, don’t try too hard because it may become an exhausting activity rather than an act of love.

Women act and men can do nothing about it; and maybe they shouldn’t? Try to find out the real reasons of faking and discus possible ways out. Don’t blame your partner for it; it’s natural for women to do so from time to time. Show her your passion, love and try to understand her


Great Reasons To Have Sex

As we age, a lot of people see sex as an extra or something that they just do not have time for.

The fact of the matter is that we should all make sex a priority in our relationships. The reason for this is not just because it allows for us to be close to our mate, but because there are many get side effects associated with having regular sex. Many are surprised by the benefits of having regular sex.

Benefits of having sex include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the chance of heart attack and stroke by 50% in men.
  • Sex is a great way to burn calories! 30 minutes is 200 calories gone!
  • Sex can also help to cure irritability and agitation.
  • Having sex even once a week can boost the immune system by 30%.
  • Having sex regularly actually slows the aging process that we all fear.
  • Those who have sex usually sleep better due to endorphins released afterward.
  • Sex helps to tone the pelvic muscles, meaning better bladder control!
  • Sex can relieve the pain associated with menstrual cramps.
  • Women will benefit from regular sex in the way of a smaller buttocks!
  • Regular sex means more regular menstrual cycles, which is a good thing!
  • Sex can bring people back together, even after a nasty fight.
  • Having sex can induce labor when a pregnancy has gone over term.
  • Need to be more flexible? Sex can help with this!
  • Sex can actually relieve a headache, so stop using it as an excuse and get busy!
  • Sex is always a great topic of conversation! The more you have the more you can talk!
  • The more you have sex the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it as you get older.
  • Men who have regular sex are less likely to develop prostate cancer.
  • Sex can actually help people express their affection for one another.
  • Having good sex is a confidence booster as it is nice to know that you are able to please someone in a sexual way.
  • Sex is a great way to release tension.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to keep having sex as you age. Many relationships go from having a lot of sex to hardly ever having sex. If you don’t have time or you don’t have much of a libido, work on these things. Sex is beneficial in many different ways, even ways that we do not realize. As if you needed any, above are 20 great reasons to start having more regular sex. When you make it a priority you will find that sex is something that you actually begin looking forward to, even if you never have before!


What Is Sex Addiction – Treating Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is an illness that is experienced worldwide by men and women from different backgrounds and cultures. When a person is a sex addict, they suffer from a disease which is incurable, progressive and capable of destroying the lives of not only the sufferer but of their families as well.

Sex addiction can be managed with a recovery programme and therapy but whilst in the grips of this addiction, sufferers cannot escape their obsessive and compulsive behaviour. Often sex addiction is experienced with other addictive behaviours such as drug use and eating disorders. They are all behaviours of the same disease of addiction.

Similar to other addictions such as drug addiction and alcohol addiction, sex addiction is based on obsessive and compulsive needs. The behaviour of a sex addict can include repeated empty affairs, compulsive masturbation, frequent use of prostitutes and other sex services and in extreme cases can even progress to exhibitionism, voyeurism, child molestation and rape.

Sex addicts however are not bad people. Their condition is not a moral failing: It is a spiritual unrest.

Why is Sex Addiction So Destructive?
In some Twelve Step fellowship support groups, ‘bottom line behaviour’ is identified. Bottom line behaviour is a term used to define the specific sex addict’s behaviours which they act out on.

Most sex addicts experience ‘intrigue’ which is the mental preoccupation with sexual acts. Objectifying people, constant obsession with sexual acts, flirting and generally spending much time with the preoccupation of sex is the mental state of a sex addict. These obsessions are then followed by the compulsive acting out on sexual behaviours.

Sex addiction is progressive. It may begin with compulsive masturbation and an affinity for pornography which then develops into a serious problem involving the use of prostitutes, money troubles, families being broken up and unemployment, further to which suicide can be a consequence.

When sex addiction has progressed to a severe level, the sex addict is unable to resist the impulse to act out on their sexual behaviours. They become more involved with the behaviours for longer periods of time, with greater intensity and violence to have the desired effect, resulting in their responsibilities being neglected. Without being able to fulfil their obsession and act out on the behaviour, they become irritable, restless and angry. Despite the desire to abstain and stop the sexual compulsivity because their lives are beginning to crumble, they are unable to do so. They are powerless over their sexual addiction and their lives begin to become completely unmanageable.


Sex addiction is treatable, but incurable. Yet with therapy, abstinence from the disordered sexual behaviours and maintaining a programme of recovery on a daily basis, a sex addict can regain a normal life again. Inpatient treatment in a counselling centre can be extremely beneficial to a sex addict seeking help for their problem. Many sex addicts will be in a state of denial about their problem but once they have admitted that they have a problem, they can begin the healing recovery process.

Inpatient treatment will usually provide group therapy and individual therapy which have been found to be the most successful methods of dealing with sex addiction. Treatment facilities are a safe place for sex addicts to recover where they can process their condition with experienced and understanding people. They need never be alone in their struggle again.

Whilst in a rehabilitation centre, a sex addict will need to begin working a daily programme of recovery, such as the Twelve Steps. There are fellowships which are devoted to helping sex addicts receive support and help in their behaviour. For a sex addict to be abstinent from the behaviour does not mean that they must stay celibate for the rest of their life – it is a normal human behaviour to engage in sexual acts, just not ones which begin to destroy their lives and keep them in a terrible cycle of shame and self loathing. A sex addict who turns to celibacy as a way of dealing with the problem is not addressing the root cause – similar to a ‘dry drunk’.

With proper treatment and therapy, coupled with a programme of recovery, a sex addict can begin to lead a happy and normal life again. A recovery programme will keep a sex addict aware of their behaviours and dangerous situations which may lead to relapse and will teach them tools to cope with daily life.

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